What is Type 2 Diabetes? Essential Facts You Need to Know

Diabetes is a life-long medical problem affecting a lot of people. In the US alone, there are about 27 million people diagnosed with diabetes. It affects the way your body deals with glucose. Diabetes could also lead to other medical problems.

The pancreas is the organ in the body which is responsible in making insulin. This hormone helps turn glucose into energy. People with Type 2 diabetes still have insulin, but the cells do not use the hormone properly to product energy.

The reason why sugar builds up in the body is because the pancreas could not keep up anymore. At first, it will try to create more insulin to get glucose into the cells. When it already produced a lot, it will start to give up.

What causes type 2 diabetes?

Genetics could be a reason why you might be diagnosed of diabetes. If someone in your family has been diagnosed of this illness, there is a chance that you will have it too.

Obesity could also be a factor behind this disease. Being obese could lead to insulin resistance which is the primary reason for having type 2 diabetes.

Metabolic issues might also be another factor in having this disease. Having extra fat around the waist indicates that you have high cholesterol and triglycerides.

What are the possible indicators?

If you are yet to get a diagnosis from your doctor, you might have to do it soon especially if you are currently suffering from high blood pressure. You might also have problems related to the heart and blood vessel.

Being overweight is also an indicator that you have diabetes. For babies, weighing over nine pounds is a negative sign.

You could also check your skin if there are dark rashes especially around the neck and armpit area. If so, you might have acanthosis nigricans, which could also be a sign of having diabetes.

What are the risk factors?

Apart from genetics, you may also be diagnosed of diabetes if you are physically inactive. Having little to no exercises increases the chances.

Smoking is also a possible reason. Diabetes is just one disease on top of everything else that you might develop when you smoke a lot.

Stress could also increase the chances. Several studies showed that stress could lead to serious illnesses apart from diabetes.

How can diabetes be treated?

You cannot change what you have done before, but you can find a way to solve the problem moving forward. You can start by being physically active and doing activities like swimming, running and jogging.

You also need to eat right. Let go of highly processed carbs, sweet drinks and foods with saturated fats, including red meat.

Quit smoking now before things get worse. Seek help on how you can let go of your addiction

Now that you understand what is type 2 diabetes, you have to find a way to avoid it. If you start feeling the symptoms, you need to immediately consult with your doctor. After the diagnosis, you have to follow the recommendations and stick to it. Some people with diabetes make things worse for them because they are too hard-headed. They still eat foods that are unhealthy. They continue smoking and drinking. They think that they can still contain the problem so they decide not to follow the advice of their doctors.

Although some people whose parents have diabetes have increased chances of acquiring the disease as well, it does not mean that you will not take care of your health anymore. You can limit the effects of the disease if you start maintaining a healthy lifestyle.