What are Signs of Diabetes That Should Sound the Alarm?

Insulin resistance is the primary sign that someone has diabetes. The body produces insulin which is a hormone responsible in converting glucose into energy. If the body becomes insulin resistant due to diabetes, the amount of sugar in the blood increases. It could lead to potential complications like heart attack.

Although type 1 diabetes can be detected among children, type 2 diabetes might not be diagnosed until later in life. Obesity and inactivity are also associated with diabetes. The disease could also be genetically determined. If a family member has diabetes, the chances that you will have it will also increase.

You need to know what are signs of diabetes first so that you can head to your doctor and undergo tests to confirm if you have the disease.

Frequent urination

When you have excess glucose in the blood, the kidneys react by flushing it right away. Hence, your body produces more urine and leads to frequent urination.

You might also increase your chances of contracting Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) when you have diabetes. The chances are twice as likely as those who do not have the disease.

If you notice that you keep going back to the bathroom especially when you need to wake up in the middle of the night, it could be a sign.

Dry mouth and increased thirst

This symptom is a result of frequent urination. Since your body loses a lot of fluid and becomes dehydrated, it results to thirst and dry mouth.

Check if you are drinking more water than usual. You also need to check if your mouths feels dry all the time.

Unexpected weight loss

Since your cells do not get enough glucose, it could lead to possible weight loss. Frequent urination could also lead to the loss of more water and calories.

The cells are not correctly processing the nutrients in your body which could also be the reason for a potential drastic weight loss.

Foot pain and numbness

Since you have prolonged exposure to high blood sugar levels, it is possible that the nerves in your body become damaged. It is a condition referred to as diabetic neuropathy.

The symptoms include numbness, tingling sensation and pain on the extremities. This problem could happen to those who have been diagnosed with diabetes for over 25 years, but may also happen to those who have pre-diabetes.

It is quite alarming if you start seeing these signs. You need to act before things get worse. It helps if you consult with your doctor to receive formal diagnosis. You also need to get correct prescription to improve cellular activity in your body.

When your doctor tells you to change your lifestyle, you need to obey the recommendations. Make sure that you start losing weight by becoming more active. You can enroll in a local gym or try other physical activities like swimming, walking and hiking. Stop smoking and drinking now. They are not only going to increase the symptoms of diabetes, but may also lead to other potential illnesses.