Best Foods for Diabetes to Help Limit the Impact of the Disease

When diagnosed with diabetes, it is something that you will carry with you for a lifetime. It is a chronic disease with serious consequences. You can limit its impact though by changing your lifestyle.

You can start by becoming more physically active. Being inactive increases the percentage of fat in your body. As obesity is a leading cause of diabetes, you want to get up now and hit the gym. You can also do other physical activities like running, biking and swimming.

You also need to stop smoking and drinking now. Apart from complicating diabetes, it could also lead to other serious health issues like heart disease and lung cancer.

Changing your diet will also limit the impact of diabetes. You need to learn what foods to eat and which one to let go. These are the best foods for diabetes you need to start eating now.


You can eat raw vegetables to maximize their nutrients. However, roasted vegetables are also perfect for added flavor.

The good thing about vegetables is that they are low in carbs and fat. Mushrooms, eggplants and tomatoes are among the best choices.

You might also prefer eating salad, but you need to choose low-fat dressings lile hummus, guacamole and salsa. For added taste, you can use seasonings like rosemary and cayenne pepper.

Low-calorie drinks

If you want stick with plain water, it is an excellent idea. However, it is also okay if you choose water which is infused with fruits and vegetables.

Lemon and cucumber are among the best fruits to add to your water for taste. If you prefer drinking hot team, you can add lemon juice or cinnamon stick.

The best part about these drinks is that they are now only low in calorie, but they also help curb your cravings.

Whole grains

Although they still have carbs, the percentage is quite low which is safe for people with diabetes. The best options are legumes, including dried beans, lentils and peas.

If you love salsa, you can add black beans and corn. You can use it as a dipping sauce for your raw or cooked vegetables.

Protein-rich foods

You need protein to increase muscle strength. Meat is a good source of protein as long as you prefer lean meat over the fatty portions.

You can also have Greek yogurt and cottage cheese. Eggs are also perfect as a healthy protein source.

You need to avoid foods that are filled with unsaturated fats. Processed meat and other products should also be out of your list.

You might lessen the impact of diabetes and reduce the chances of complications if you stick to a healthy diet. However, if you cannot control yourself and still eat unhealthy foods, you will suffer in the end.

There is nothing you can do about having diabetes if you were already diagnosed, but changing your eating habits could help you. Do not feel like you already have a death sentence after the diagnosis.